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 Where is That Amazingly Delicious, Incredible Avocado?

When does a superfood feel a little less than super? When he keeps getting interrupted by Peanut Butter and his gang of snack buddies.  Avocado is just so excited to share his big news but will he ever get the chance?  Find out in this deliciously fun book about friends, manners, and amazing party dips. Read More…

Skeletons ARE NOT Spooky!

Have you ever thought that maybe, just maybe, skeletons are actually a lot of fun? Perhaps they really dig hanging out at the park with great pals and taking bubble baths just like you and me. It’s about time we see just how absolutely UNspooky skeletons are in this entertaining tale for every body. Read More…

Hop on That Bus, Gus

Based on the mostly true story of the Kaine family dog, this tale has jokes for all ages. Join Gus and his canine friends as they ‘borrow’ a school bus to fulfill a lifelong dream.  Just a warning, you will be on the edge of your seat as things get pretty hairy with our furry friends behind the wheel. Bow wow, yippy yo! Read More…

Hop on That Bus, Gus

All things change … why not the Alphabet Song? From Kaine & Duds, here comes a fun musical story about the 123s and their quest to sit alongside the ABCs in their iconic jingle. With outspoken #1 at the helm, the digits have plenty of ideas for how numbers can become a part of the beloved Alphabet Song. Read More…

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