Hop on That Bus, Gus

A Grand Adventure Inspired by the Kaine Family Dog

Offered in Paperback, and Kindle

Dogs can’t drive … can they? Gus the Pug and his dog buddies are about to find out as they ‘borrow’ the school bus for the adventure of a lifetime. They make sure to include all of the road trip essentials including plenty of snacks (roll down that window) and some oddly familiar tunes on the radio (wink, wink). Children age 3 to 8 will be on the edge of their seats as things get pretty hairy with our furry friends behind the wheel.

This book is great as a read-along story for parents or a beginner book for kids starting to read independently. The illustrations are fun, the dog characters lovable, and the hidden jokes will keep this book on your list of go-to favorites.

“Have you ever wondered about your family pet’s life ambition? The raison d’etre for your favorite furry friend? No?! I encourage you to get your priorities straight. This book understands that our dogs have dreams, and for Gus the pug that involves carjacking for a doggie’s day out with friends. With a little help from a Paul Simon classic, Gus drives his friends around on a grand adventure in a repurposed (re-pup-osed? Too much?) school bus. My eight year old has never met a dog he doesn’t like and the fictional, and not so fictional, dogs in this book are no exception. He happily puts down his Captain Underpants and Catstronauts to revisit Gus and the Gang. He loves to look for clever Easter egg-like charms in the illustrations and I love to hear him giggle when he reads it. I’d recommend this book for any animal lover between the ages of puppy to senior dog, as well as anyone who enjoys revisiting a solid jam from the mid-70s.”

– Sarah Gallagher

“I love this book! The story not only entertains young readers, but also amuses adults. Be sure to check out the song titles and the subtle references that will make you giggle. My first graders loved it and can’t wait for the arrival of our other Kaine & Duds books to arrive! Brilliant!!!”

– Teacher, Katherine Sacco

Gus & the Gang In the Wild

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