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Creepy, shady, and downright unpleasant, the tick has terrorized forests and grassy fields long enough. It’s time we call out the no-good buggers for what they truly are… the worst.

Join our mysterious narrator as she lays out her argument for why ticks are the most awful creatures to walk the planet. Undeterred by the tick’s efforts to distract you, like wearing a cute sailors’ hat or offering up ‘free hugs,’ our detective/storyteller lays out the cold, hard tick facts:

1. Ticks suck – literally.
2. Ticks are indestructible – allegedly.
3. Ticks really are the worst of the worst – definitely.

Ticks are no joke. A bite from the tiny terror can have long-lasting impacts on both kids and adults. But sometimes, the best way to teach a great lesson is to have a few laughs (and a crunchy surprise) along the way.

“I utterly loved Ticks Are the Worst! From now on I only want my news to be fed to me through public service announcements from Kaine and Duds. This is a children’s book but contains enough humor and jokes for adults to enjoy as well. I appreciated some of the clever puns incorporated into the very important public service announcement.

The illustrations are minimal but beautifully done, and emphasize the message that ticks are the worst. I’m no fan of arachnids and I agree wholeheartedly with the theme, as I’m aware of the dangers they can pose to us humans and our furry friends, especially dogs and cats. This is a magnificent example of an amusing and easy-to-read educational guide that children and adults alike will love and hopefully keep in the back of their minds whenever they go trekking into nature.”

– MK, Reader’s Favorite

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