No Room for Numbers

The 123s Ask the ABCs to Share Their Song

Offered in Paperback, and Kindle

With outspoken #1 at the helm, the digits have plenty of ideas for how they can become a part of the beloved Alphabet Song. They suggest everything from squeezing in between M and N to replacing a few of the letters that ‘nobody likes.’ While Letter A is able to hold off the insistent numbers for a while, his musical compromise may have some unintended consequences.

This book is perfect for early readers looking for a laugh or toddlers who are just learning their ABCs. The characters make you smile, the conversation is fun, and you’ll find yourself whistling the song around the house for days to come.

“The story was very cute! I liked the colorful graphics on black background – very eye catching. Great message about helping others, disagreeing respectfully – the kids will love it!”

– Amazon Customer

“In the past few months we’ve been reading a lot of children’s books on our kindle. What was surprising is that my 11-year -old picked this book as his favorite! When you read this book, you will notice the illustrations are not complex and the story is simple but the humor/fun are perfect. It takes a lot of talent to take something simple and make a story good enough for an 11-year-old to enjoy as much as the younger kids.”

– Jennifer E., Amazon Customer

“This cute book is both educational and super funny. Add in the unique, eye catching illustrations and you have a winner! My boys loved the song at the end.”

– Erinn U., Amazon Reader

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