Mastering the grilled cheese sandwich is a skill one can only achieve after years of parenting. Even then, the probability of cheesy perfection is not in your favor:

  • Situation #1: You are pressed for time (which is why you are serving grilled cheese for dinner) and rush through the initial staging activities. Your haste results in a grotesquely uneven butter spread but you say to yourself, “It’ll work itself out.”  It doesn’t, and manifests itself into the black edges, soggy middle, and patches of uncooked bread that have become your grilled cheese hallmark. 


  • Situation #2: You are acutely aware of how you burned the grilled cheese last time and therefore aggressively flip the sandwich every five seconds to ‘see how the other side is doing.’  This ends up shifting the alignment of the bread pieces, enabling cheese leakage and the inevitable smoking pile of goop on your pan.


  • Situation #3: You are seconds away from perfection when your phone lights up, notifying you that @snarkypants78 just mentioned you in a comment. Can’t hurt to take a quick look at what he said, right?  There is a reason why grilled cheese was voted the most likely meal to set-off the smoke detector.  

In light of what you are up against, when you do manage to craft the coveted golden square of delciousness, make sure you pause to reflect on your achievement … and  then send us a selfie.


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